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Call For Submissions – Women & the Dynamics of Social Transformations

The Bahrain Debate is launching a new project titled “Women and the Dynamics of Social Transformations” to discuss issues regarding Bahraini Women’s rights and empowerment. To launch the project and our new website we are calling on Bahraini academics, bloggers and independent voices to participate in the project by submitting an article highlighting issues relating to this topic. The project will also include a series of forum-style debates held in Bahrain (details to be announced) which will focus on the conception of citizenship and political & economic participation.

The project focuses on a core set of issues which include, but is not limited to:

  • Economic Participation
  • Citizenship
  • Political Participation (formal or informal)
  • Bahraini Family/Personal Status Law
  • Women and Civil Society

Suggested topics (Please contact us if you are selecting a topic from this list):

  • Methods and challenges to women’s economic participation
  • Legal structures and mechanisms that promote equality/inequality
  • History of (gender equality) movements in Bahrain
  • Formal and informal dimensions of political participation
  • Women in the context of development plans

Deadline: Novermber 10th, 2015


  • The article should have a firm structure with clear arguments and information should be referenced where relevant. Opinions should not be stated as fact.
  • The piece must be relevant to one or more of the above themes.
  • A featured image relating to the written content should be included. Note: if the image does not belong to you, you must include the source.
  • Contributors should include a brief author bio (100 words) and a personal photo with their work.
  • We retain the right to make language and grammatical amendments to an article without changing the nature of the argument in a contributor’s piece. It will only be posted after the contributor’s approval of such changes.
  • Suggestions and pitches are welcome and can be sent through to info@thebahraindebate.com directly.

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