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Society & The Political Economy @ Al-Oruba Club, Juffair

Oil Workers Speakers Poster English

Date: March 28, 2015
Time: 6:30PM-10:00PM
Location: Al Oruba Club, Juffair

Moderater: Dr. Omar Al Shehabi, Director of the Gulf Centre for Development Policies.

Speakers presenting at the event include:

  • Rashid Al Jassim, Leader in the Al Fateh Youth Coalition and Researcher and Acadmic
  • Ahmed Abdulameer, Head of the Youth Office and member of the Political Office at National Democratic Action Society – Wa’ad
  • Salman Salem, Ex-MP of Al Wefaq Islamic Society

Topics discussed:

Political Economy

The impacts of the fall in oil revenues

Question: What is the the main cause of the current economic crisis (rise in living costs, unemployment, housing crisis)?

Public lands; land reclamation and its impact on society

Question: What is driving spatial transformation, land reclamation and abuse of public lands, and to what extent can this be considered positive/negative?

Question: Do you believe that Bahrain Vision 20130 is the best solution for Bahrain’s economic challenges? What is the best solution, in your opinion?

Policy, State and Society

Sectarianism and the definition of citizenship
Foreign labour and demographic transformations

Question: What are the causes of sectarianism in the country? What is the solution?

Question: What is the solution to overcome the current economic crisis? Is it economic, political, local, regional?



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